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The Third Annual 92-Day Global Juice Feast begins Saturday, July 3, 2010. YOU and people all over the globe are invited at any time, for any length of time, to access this transformative health technology from your own home while maintaining your daily life! Remember, you can join the 2010 Juice Feast for any length of time - a day, a weekend, half the time, or you might even Juice Feast with us one day a week to begin to get familiar with Juice Feasting as a Life Practice.

Download the Official 2009 Global Juice Feast Announcement

(The above announcement is a much, much longer version of this email, with blog links, free interviews with David and Katrina Rainoshek, Mike Adams, Kevin Gianni, Dorit...)


In 2008 David and Katrina Rainoshek, creators of the 92-Day Juice Feasting program at, kicked off and hosted the First Annual 92-Day Global Juice Feast, and with people from around the world enjoyed the largest online community gathering of Juice Feasters ever!

Katrina Juice Feasted for 89 Days last year in preparation for pregnancy - and we indeed are pregnant: almost 6 months along and Katrina is loving it. So she will be Feasting on Green Vegetable Juice, but not Juice Feasting as a cleanse this year. I (David) Juice Feasted for 70 Days during the 2008 Global Juice Feast.
This year will be promoting a local food awareness around Juice Feasting, so stay tuned for this year's theme: LOCAL FOOD.


We have over 1100 people on GlobalJuiceFeast - an excellent community indeed to take part in Juice Feasting, and supporting Feasters worldwide. As always, is free - and during the 2010 Global Juice Feast David and Katrina Rainoshek will be answering questions on this site (beyond The Green Room where we post our answers and discussions year-round).

We are creating a diverse community of people from all cultural backgrounds, nationalities, religions, races, and political persuasions, united in one common, personal, yet global challenge: reclaiming our health and the health of the planet for ourselves. In 2008, The Global Juice Feast was hosted from Patagonia, Arizona in the United States; in 2009 David and Katrina Rainoshek hosted from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada!
This year, 2010, we will be hosting again from British Columbia and accessing local foods!

This is the first time in human history that such a program of such massive personal and global potential has been available to so many, due to the fact that persons can cleanse to completion by Juice Feasting, and still maintain their daily lives at home with no interruptions financially or in their family life.

The internet has made possible the global availability of this valuable information. At we have made detailed instructions on all questions pertaining to Juice Feasting available at no cost, only the optional companion 92-Day Juice Feasting Program requires a subscription.

This online community of persons doing the Global Juice Feast is available to all who register, again, at no cost to the public, making global support accessible to everyone.

Welcome to the most accessible, significant program ever available to such a wide community of people.

With peaceful steps,

David and Katrina Rainoshek


P.S. The Juice Feasting Affiliate Program is here, and available to everyone. Click the banner at the top of this email, or click here to sign up and post a groovy banner on your site. All directions are under the "Affiliates" tab at the top menu bar on! Thank you to everyone for your continued practice of Juice Feasting, and for getting this important Life Practice to a larger community! Love, David and Katrina Rainoshek

The Juice Feasting Affliate Program!

PSSST.... The Juice Feasting Affiliate Program has manifested. Click the groovy graphic above for more details.... email announcement coming soon!


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March 1, 2009. Global Juice Feasters of 2008 Reunion!

David, Simi, Bronwyn, Constanze, Ayrie, Robyn and Katrina all participated in the Global Juice Feast of 2008. At their March 1, 2009 reunion at Cafe Bliss in Victoria BC, they share the impact Juice Feasting has had on their lives and offer advice to new Juice Feasters in 2009. Thanks to Ayrie for producing the flim!


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Blog Posts

Day 52

Yep its true I've enjoyed another fast. I decided after my initial 92+ days to make this a yearly mind, body spirit resting ritual.

Don't know if I will ever go as long or longer but short - mid fasts are definitely now apart of my lifestyle.  The benefits are endless and my intentions in the near future is to completely rest and relax during my fast (no phone, work, completely surrounded only by other fasters in nature etc.)  It's a great time of healing and a lot of emotions,…


Posted by Kierra on July 9, 2011 at 4:00am

Juice feast July 2011


Day one: July,5

 Woke up in the morning doing just water flushing out everything had three bowl movements within the last three hour period. Drinking lots of water and getting my self mentally ready to chew these juices.

Made my first juice at 4:30pm green drink Two bunches of Kale Greens, a whole lettuce, 2 small Celery Hearts, 5 small carrots, and coconut water. 8:00pm “Better Dead Red Drink” 5 sweet potatoes, 3 large Juicing Carrots, and a Beet root half…


Posted by Shy'mon_Kepha on July 6, 2011 at 10:22am

Wake Up

Awakening to the reality, the illusory nature of the 3d… Continue

Posted by Cristina on September 8, 2010 at 7:02am

Day 24 .

Boy it has been quite tempting for me. I have been juicing since 3 of July. I am still going to continue. There are days I still had to have some coffee to just get out but some none. Majority of my juices are green . The base is o- j I hope to continue till my body says when.

Posted by Nadia on July 26, 2010 at 9:18am

Day 29 Hunger finally Gone

Day 29, I'm no longer feeling hungry...Yeah!

Although this is my fourth juice feast each time my body has reacted different. This time I am more tired and find I require more rest and less activity. My skin is very sensitive when I fast so I am constantly reminded to keep it simple and pure.

Re-evaluation date for fasting length Day 40

Posted by Kierra on July 14, 2010 at 6:00pm — 1 Comment


Juice Feasting Introduction

ONE HOUR Kevin Gianni Interview with David Rainoshek, MA on JUICE FEASTING!

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