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Hi everyone, I have been having trouble with the spirulina. I know that you are supposed to put it in the juices, but how are you supposed to mix it in? I have tried several things. First I tried the good old fashioned spoon method. That worked very poorly since the powder doesn't seem to be easily dissolved in the juice, and it is so sticky that it just clumps up and sticks to the spoon and cup and ends up making the juice lumpy and nasty tasting.

Next I tried a wire whisk. This worked a little better then just using a spoon, but still had many of the same problems that the spoon did minus the sticking to the whisk itself. Still lumpy, and not all that great.

Finally I tried taking a hand blender and blending it in a bowl. This worked great for homogenizing it, but it was too messy and it made the juice super frothy (which I can't stand). I have also thought about blending it in the blender, but I don't want to end up just straining it out when I juice since this would be really wasteful.

If anyone has any ideas or proven methods as to mix the spirulina or respective algae in more efficiently, please let me know

Thanks all


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Hmmmm. I guess that may work if you are actually juice feasting. I am not yet juice feasting. I am just experimenting and getting all my ducks in a row so that on day one I will know what I am doing. I make maybe a quart and a half of juice each day and down it on the spot. So far, I have the method down, and I really like the taste, but mixing the algae in is still a problem. Does E3 mix better or something?
Me too. I have 2 oz of E3Live per day. I usually go through a bottle per week, so don't refreeze at all. I love it!
The way that I use my Spirulina, Barley, Green stuff etc is to drink most of my juice, and then leave a couple of inches in the bottom. I then mix in what I feel for the day. With regards to my hubby I pack him some little containers with green, msm etc, outside of his work day juices. He then mixes the superfoods in at work in the same way.

Hope this helps.
Hey there Dreamscaper,
I make spirulina smoothies for breakfast: First juice oranges, apples and pineapple in a juicer (or what ever you use to juice). Then transfer the juice into a blender and add a banana, kiwifruit and what ever other fruit you may like to add (try passionfruit, strawberries and blueberries - yum!). Add your spirulina (you could also add any other supplements such as hemp oil at this stage). I also sometimes put ice in the blender and... BLEND! A beautiful smoothie.
It may make for a bit of washing up (juicer and blender) but it's definately worth it. During the juice feast I'll be using the same method, just minus the blended fruit.
PS Be prepared for a black smoothie if you add blueberries with spirulina - visually odd :-D
I have this problem. It sticks to the glass, and you know what? After I had washed my blade for my blender, there was still spirulina on it! Maybe that's just the nature of spirulina?

I wish I had advice. I just used a spatula and pushed it back down into the liquid and blended, blended, blended. Then, I used the spatula to get it into my mason jar. After, that, it only really stuck to the rim of the jar, which is better than last time when it stuck to the sides and bottom.
Hi, I just put the spirulina in the jar and shake like crazy:) It works! Debraw
During my Juice Feast, I didn't want my whole juice to taste like Spirulina, so I would put any of my powders for the day (for me it was 1 tsp chlorella, 1 tsp Spirulina, 1/4 tsp kelp and 1 Tbsp Vitamineral Greens) in a pint glass, add small amounts of water and stir with a fork, making it into a paste, then I would add a few ounces of fresh green juice and chug! Now that I am eating again, I add it to my smoothies (add it somewhere in the middle so it doesn't stick to the blade or the sides...ex. in blender, add banana, green leafy veggies, powdered greens, frozen berries, water and blend!) these worked great for me! good on ya for getting your green routine started! xo, Kelly O :)
That doesn't make it frothy? Sounds good if that works...
no froth!
I use a 16oz glass nut butter jar (we have many), toss in my green powders (green vibrance, as this is what we have right now) and as much spirulina as a can take which is about 2 teaspoons right now, fill with water and shake it like I mean it. It does get a little foam, but I've also noticed that I am starting the dig the taste a little more everyday. Weird, right?

xx raw b
i thought i loved the taste until i added it to a green juice. now i know that i just love what spirulina does to sweet or citrus juices. my favourite spirulina drink (before the feast) was grapefruit, pear and frozen strawberries.

this morning for my juice feast i had the juice of 4 grapefruits, 1 lemon, 1 tablespoon of spirulina, 1 clove garlic, a heafty pince of cayenne, MSM and some hemp oil. i must be a freak but it was sighing with pleasure as i drank it. i also noticed it was a good waker upper when i was feeling a bit groggy :)
I've tried spirulina powder before - with the same problem, and switched to Flakes. I add a teaspoon to my morning juice - dissolves easily and !!! juice doesn't have this nasty spirulina smell. Flakes are a little bit more expensive, but well worth the price vs. powder mess and smell. You can buy flakes in bulk, btw, and save some $$.


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