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Hi everyone, I have been having trouble with the spirulina. I know that you are supposed to put it in the juices, but how are you supposed to mix it in? I have tried several things. First I tried the good old fashioned spoon method. That worked very poorly since the powder doesn't seem to be easily dissolved in the juice, and it is so sticky that it just clumps up and sticks to the spoon and cup and ends up making the juice lumpy and nasty tasting.

Next I tried a wire whisk. This worked a little better then just using a spoon, but still had many of the same problems that the spoon did minus the sticking to the whisk itself. Still lumpy, and not all that great.

Finally I tried taking a hand blender and blending it in a bowl. This worked great for homogenizing it, but it was too messy and it made the juice super frothy (which I can't stand). I have also thought about blending it in the blender, but I don't want to end up just straining it out when I juice since this would be really wasteful.

If anyone has any ideas or proven methods as to mix the spirulina or respective algae in more efficiently, please let me know

Thanks all


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where do you get the spirulina flakes?
we have a store here is Boston: VitaminShoppe, the product name is Spirulina Pacifica Crystal Flakes. I usually buy at the store but they have a website with the same name...
Thank you for the info.
Use one of the little capucino electronic wiskers. it doesn't make it too frothy, but mixes almost any powder.
I basically make my green juices on my juicer and then I put the juice in blender with spurilina, vitamineral green and bee pollen and press mix button on blender. That's all I do. It taste great to me. Xo, Suely
I tried heating the water and mixing the Spirulina in it. Better results, but not perfect. Dr. Pat
most days, i mix it in juice or a smoothie. but i often spoon it into a couple of leaves of romaine lettuce, roll and eat. a terrific combination. (no gagging required.)


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