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Hi Fellow Juicy Adventurers!
Last night I broke my Jfeast with a ....salad! arugula, dandelion and garlic, my true love! And although I have 'cheated' and had a couple breakdowns with my sweet love already in the past month, I knew this was different. I just miss my food soooo much! So I am going to do what one of our friends had mentioned about 2 weeks ago- a 'modified JFeast' wherein I will Juice all day, except I will add in a salad for lunch. This will help me with my important goal of ceasing my eating in the evenings- as I tend to be a late nighter and eat my dinners anywhere form 7-11pm (its so nice to eat later when I can fully relax- no jumping up and down for kids...!)
Here is a little painting I just did with my kids-
we were watching a video called MY KID CAN PAINT THAT andI looked up the artist- 4 year young Marla Olmstead- I love her art- so free and colorful.
Well, this is my attempt at painting from that beautiful, innocent palce...
I just had no concept of what to paint- just move color around however my handwanted to move...while drinking my precious Maple Water of course. No wonder it looks like awater crystal- a Maple Water Crystal!!

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It's beautiful Shakaya. I love the colors you chose. Do what your body tells you to do!

Mystic Merman
thank you! Blessings
Hi Shakaya,
I will be breaking my feast this weekend. I have started taking Chanka Piedra on March 30th and since then became insanely hungry. I now have 1 quart in the morning, take 3 quarts to work and they last only until 3pm and I start starving until 7pm (that's when I get back home). But this is not the biggest issue, the worst one is that I started loosing weight like crazy since started Chanka Piedra. 7 pounds in 4 days! - I am now down to 100 lbs. Can't go lower... So, it's time for me to go on a modified feast - add smoothies and occasional salads to stop weight loss. I know that Chanka Piedra is the right herb for me - I need to cleanse my liver/gallbladder, so I will keep taking it.
hi, Mark
I don't have stones but Chanka Piedra really helps to get rid of liver stagnation and that's what I have. Bile starts moving and as a good side effect I get huge appetite. Unfortunately, I don't like yams or sweet potatoes. So, from now on I will be adding some fiber - just not straining my juices - and see how it goes. If I manage to stop weight loss, I will go back to juicing when I finish with Chanka Piedra.
I would guess it should work for everyone - since this herb stimulates bile production. Or maybe it's just me who has this reaction, maybe my bile ducts got rid of some junk and now bile can flow freely...
Hey Mark, could I trouble you for any info you have or find on Chanka Piedra, I would like to know about this? Wayne
Hey Irina, could I trouble you for any info you have or find on Chanka Piedra, I would like to know about this? Wayne
The picture is beautiful!
Let us know how your modified juice feast goes.
It is something I may do later on!
Thank you. I shall keep posting. Bless!
I highly reccommend getting John Rose's (David Rainoshek's juice mentor) video called The Ultimate Weight Loss Diet in it he discusses how to do modified juice fasts with food and what you can expect. This is a must investment if you plan keeping juice fasting as part of your life and the various modification's you can implement in it. He can be reached at (713) 789-2223.

Whassup super mom? I could believe in reincarnation...If I could come back with you as mom! Keep up the vigil, shine that light gal! Ya know what wow is? It's mom upside down! Carefull with the maple water...'tis high octane critter fuel! I don't know how you do it?! I'd be bouncin off things, like a wild bird caught in the house! Peace. W


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