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ONE HOUR Kevin Gianni Interview with David Rainoshek on JUICE FEASTING

Hey Everyone! A very exciting development! Attached is a new interview that I just recently did with Kevin Gianni at

Topics discussed are:

How David Rain got into Juice Feasting
The Dietary Spectrum
Where should we arrive on the Spectrum
Juice Fasting vs. Juice Feasting
What Juices to Drink on a Feast
The Four Means to Get Your Greens (by David Rainoshek)
The Global Juice Feast

We had arrived home at 3:30 am from our drive back from BC for this 8:00 am interview. This is a great interview, and I hope that this gets everyone excited about Juice Feasting. Please share this with friends, and go to Kevin's site to check out his excellent seminar.

Full disclosure: I am not financially involved with Kevin's project, but did this interview as a mutual colleague and friend.

With peaceful steps,

David Rainoshek, MA

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Bravo! David. I just got in from out of town and sat down to re-ground from the drive. I got your email announcing this interview and have been sitting here for the last hour enjoying the information. I am so looking forward to this. It was well-spoken, chocked full of information, moved right along and had no lagging spots. I thought is was very good and plan on passing the download to my raw food group here in Kansas City, Missouri and many of my other friends both here and across the nation. Keep up the great work and thank you for the inspiration!

In Light and Love, Kat Bowie
Awesome, Kat! We are so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for sending this along to the Kansas City RFG, and others!

With peaceful steps, David and Katrina!
Appreciating your interview right now. First thing I'm getting into here on the JF site. Glad to be here.


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ONE HOUR Kevin Gianni Interview with David Rainoshek, MA on JUICE FEASTING!

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