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Hey everyone, I noticed that raw foods recipes are dime a dozen on the net, but juice recipes, especially juice feasting recipes are pretty rare. So I thought it would help of we started a thread of combos/recipes to use for the feast.

My favorite so far is Celery/Spinach/Parsley/Cucumber/Pear. This combo is particularly cleansing and helps if your GIT is a little backed up since pear juice is a mild laxative. It's also delish! The spinach and one whole cucumber make up the bulk in my mix, and one pear is enough to add a nice sweet flavor. Then 3 sticks of organic celery (I use leaves, bases and all) and 4 sprigs of parsley for the rest.

Post up everyone. Cheers!

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I love this one in the morning ... very refreshing.

Dandelion greens
Grapefruit juice
-- a few drops of organic mint extract to balance the dandelion
-- stevia to taste
I like tomato, celery, parsley and 1/2 hot pepper. It's great for dinner when I can't face another green one. Also I like watermelon and fresh strawberries. for a splurge. Would love it if lots of people contributed to this blog. Thanks GB
Last night I had 1 small grapefruit, 2 large oranges, 1/2 lime and banana - juiced of course. I saw this recipe while surfing ideas yesterday. It was by far the best tasting juice drink on this feast. Plus it is very hydrating!
I don't think your suppose to use bananna's on the juice feast. They don't "juice" on thier own seeing that they don't have a natural water content that same way other fruits and veggies do.
Yea, it doesnt work.
a juiced banana?
Do you use the Vitamix or a juicer. Is it better to use the Vitamix since you get all of the fruit or just the juice by using a juicer?
I made a surprisingly nice one the other day: kale, celery, pineapple, orange, coconut water. I kept my pineapple and orange separate until ready to drink. My daughter drank it as well, willingly :)
How much Kale did you use? It can be quite overpowering. How many oranges and pineapple quantity.
Yesterday it was straight up SWEET POTATO juiced with a generous sprinkle of nutmeg- OUT OF THIS WORLD! But it's a once a week treat for me as I am pretty serious about going mostly green to keep the sugar critters at bay...Bottoms up! xo
yesterday after work i needed a good sugary kick in the butt and made an "Anasazi" - carrot, a couple red peppers and a thai bird chile. the heat was intense but really clean. gorgeous colour too.

i get a lot of my fruity juice ideas from the rebar cookbook - here is a link to a sample of their juices
i really liked sweeet potato and nutmeg. a tasty calorie rich eggnoggy soymilky treat!


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