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Hey everyone, I noticed that raw foods recipes are dime a dozen on the net, but juice recipes, especially juice feasting recipes are pretty rare. So I thought it would help of we started a thread of combos/recipes to use for the feast.

My favorite so far is Celery/Spinach/Parsley/Cucumber/Pear. This combo is particularly cleansing and helps if your GIT is a little backed up since pear juice is a mild laxative. It's also delish! The spinach and one whole cucumber make up the bulk in my mix, and one pear is enough to add a nice sweet flavor. Then 3 sticks of organic celery (I use leaves, bases and all) and 4 sprigs of parsley for the rest.

Post up everyone. Cheers!

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Is the sweet potato on the high glycimic end? Need to stay away from the sweeter things. Drat it.! Trying to get blood sugars down with juicing firts. before a dr.visit.
SO were not supposed to make a lot of fruit/miixed fruit juice while feasting?...ooops!
Hey! Brilliant Idea!
I must agree.
Yesterday I was craving something like a vege broth... so
I juiced:
Celery, spinach, kale, tomato, parsley, red pepper, garlic, onion (little bit), cayenne pepper, spirulina, hemp oil.... and add anything other veg you like.
After juicing- I put it all in the blender and warmed it up a bit.
So yum.
oh YES! that sounds great. i'm going to make a juicy soup tonight!
me too! love that idea as I had made my boys a homemade soup last night- it's soooo cold here and has been since OCT!!!! of short grain brown rice with veggies last night and the aroma was tantalizing me- so thank you Lyndsay Sue, I will definately try this. Bliss!
the soup was amazing! thanks again for the suggestion!

it was a really nice change after having mostly green or fruit juices for 18 days! we juiced carrot, celery, red pepper, leeks, watercress, sunflower sprouts, garlic, sage, rosemary, thyme (from the garden) and buzzed it in the blender to warm it a bit and added some hemp oil, water from a young coconut, sea salt, dulse flakes and cayenne.
hi everyone,

I made today 4 oranfes,i lemon,1 grapefruit-red, 5 carrots and 500 g of spinach plus a bit of ginger
Certainly i also made real green stuff
celery,cucumber,lemon,pineaple and spinach 500g

so great to share....
Celery/Apple or Celery/Pear are great!

Every night I whip up some Kale (red if I can find it)/Tomato/Red pepper/Garlic/Leeks. It's savory and keeps my taste buds happy!
Ok I think I found an even better warm broth!
Here we go...
Cucumber, Spinach, Celery, Leek, Parsley, Cilantro, Tomato, Sweet Potato, Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Red Pepper, Help Oil, Cumin, Cayenne....
Ok, I know that is a lot- But I started smelling all the vegatables in my fridge and I got too excited. So I juiced them ALL!!
I am having weird onion, and leek cravings- just the smell.
I went to a great juice bar in Ketchum Idaho this summer and he made me a "Liquid Salad" with 14 ingredients. Unbelievable. Spinach/celery/bell/cucumber/carrot/beet/garlic/ginger/tomato/kale/parsley/and and and? Any ideas?
the prettiest one i have made so far - and delicious - has been pomegranate and apple
i just cut the pomegranate in half and then upturn the fruit and hit it with the blunt side of a big knife => the seeds fall out and then i put them through the juicer (the pulp comes out like lilac chalk)


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