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i am curious to hear what method & tool is most preferred to get the juice? i have neither and i have a choice to get one or the other before March 1st.
thanks for filling me in

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Great question Brandie!

Here it is from our Juice Feasting Intro on

To be clear, you can use either a blender or a juicer to make juice on a Feast, or a combination of the two. Historically, we have used both a juicer and a blender to make juices, and we will cover in detail how each appliance can be used to make great tasting, vibrant juice. What do we want in a juicer? Mainly:

Excellent extraction of juice from produce
Ease of use and cleaning
Enzyme Retention (i.e. juice that lasts after being made)

We want this Juice Feast to be effective, and yet as efficient as possible for you. Your easiest way to make juice on a Feast is with a Vitamix, straining the juice from the pulp with a nut mylk bag, so let's start there. You can make all of your juice for the day in about an hour first thing in the morning with a Vitamix, and clean-up takes seconds. Let's look at the Vitamix.

This will be your most useful and used live foods kitchen appliance, without question. We know, it is just a blender, right? It makes smoothies, soups, salad dressings, sorbet, pâtés, and, most important in Juice Feasting, your green vegetable juices for straining through a nut mylk bag (see below).

Most of us do not have much time to make juices. You can make every juice on the Feast using this appliance. You may have a version of the Bass O'Matic seen in the video at right. If you do, please trade that blender in for this. Bass O'Matics and other honorable blenders even found at stores like Target and JC Penny are not going to break open the cell walls of your greens enough to be able to expose the juice inside.

After the Feast, you will want this baby to do the Four Means to Get Your Greens, which you can read more about under Current Projects or on Day 83 of the Program.

Get this blender even if you have to sell your oven and microwave and coffeemaker to get it. We are not kidding.

For more information on blenders, see the VitaMix/BlendTec showdown, and download the Blender File on

Hope this helps!

With peaceful steps,

David Rain
I was gonna say "not juicer VS. Vita-Mix! It's Juicer AND Vita-Mix!!" I love having both. Truth to tell, though, if I had to have only one I'd take the Vita-Mix, because even though it's more work to strain your juice, you get all of the phytonutrients and other goodies that are lost in many juicers. Because I like to retain some of the fiber for my juice feasting (which makes me a modified juice feaster) I love straining the Vita-Mix smoothie and get a juice that has a little more "body" to it.
Vitamix are still retailing at £500-£600 here (if you double that with the exchange rate, thats the price in dollars)-- is it pointless using another blender to make juice?? Better to stick to the juicer?
We went to the website and called to Vita Mix company. We got a refurbished vita mix complete with all the new stuff and the same warranty. It saved us a lot of money.
Actually, I have a BlendTec (formerly known as K-Tec) blender and absolutely love it. It actually has more power than the Vitamix and is usually slightly lower in price. I have no regrets buying it. It gets used every day whether I'm juicing or not. It's a workhorse at 1500watts. Love it love it.

I totally DISAGREE with the VitaMix/KTec showdown page. That is obviously a VitaMix seller's page to me. That report/advertisement site is also way out of date: Dec 6, 2006. My new BlendTec version is fabulous and has none of the silly nonsense issues mentioned on that site. I LOVE my BlendTec and it does a fabulous job!
I recieved my Blendtec today Iam thrilled. I was going to purchase the VitaMix. I found the the Blendtec is 1500 watts. The Blendtex also has a larger motor.
I'm in the minority as a juicer lover. I have both, and use both, but I don't use the VitaMix for juicing. I have an Omega juicer, and I wouldn't use anything else. There are trade-offs for either choice, and I would never say that one is better than the other. I'm just not into straining nut mylk bags, and I like the way the juice comes out of the juicer better than juice strained from a blender. There are many that say that the VitaMix is quicker, and I would challenge them to a "juice off". Seriously, though, it does sound like more people use the VitaMix, and if majority rules, that's probably your safest bet! Good luck. Tracy
Mark, I have yet to try the Green Star, and it sounds like I need to. I'll check them out after my Omega dies, which should not be any time soon. :)
Just curious if anyone else is having a problem hand cramping while squeezing the juice from the pulp in nut mylk bags? I'm considering purchasing a hydraulic juice presser to save my hands while getting the most juice from my produce.
I'm not sure if this is a recent thread but I use a Norwalk and it is excellent for juicing - doesn't kill the enzymes, has a hydraulic juice pressor and is a breeze to clean up. I know it is quite expensive but I bought it while doing Gerson Therapy 5 years ago and did 5-6 juices every day for a year and a half. I was also doing coffee enemas and working full time. The Norwalk was a lifesaver. I also use a vitamix for most of the other raw items I've made - nut mylk for example - and have used nut mylk bags to press out the pulp. But when doing a lot of juices at once, the Norwalk really cuts down on time. Sue
Hi Sue,
the Norwalk juicer is my "dream juicer" but unfortunately out of reach financially. I've seen manual hydraulic juice presses for around 330 to be used with a champion, which I've borrowed from a friend. When you were doing the Gerson Therapy were you also using conventional medical treatments or just Gerson?
I was only using Gerson. There was a possibilty I had pancreatic cancer but further tests ruled it out and I was diagnosed with autoimmune atrophic gastritis. In trying to heal, Gerson's approach seemed the most rational. I was doing 6 juices a day for a long time - all this was before I realized there was any kind of "raw" movement or community out there. Gerson Therapy recommends either the Norwalk or the other method you mentioned - using a Champion with a manual hydraulic press. I've moved toward doing juices with a wider variety of ingredients -- looking at Gabriel Cousens recommendations in his books. But juicing can take a lot of time too and anything to make it go quicker has been a huge help to me. Sue


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