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Does juicing greens shrink the stomach?

I am wondering, since I am on a modified juice feast, when I do choose to eat, how much food do I really need?
I have heard that our stomach is as big as our hand in a slightly clenched fist. If this is true, I just stretched mine to the max. As a fresh food vegan, and 3/4 raw food eater, I would usually eat quite a mountain of food. I regularly ate many times a day, whenever I wanted, as much, or as little as I wanted.
Today starts week two of my feast, and I ate a pile of food for Sunday dinner, and now I am feeling it. Although, I stick to rule one, “eat the plants”, I still ate way more than the average guy.
I am making amendments to my actions, and tomorrow things will not be the same, and I will do better.
I digress.
How much food should I eat? If it’s true that I am to eat as much food as the size of my hand at one time?
The reason I inquire is, I have been adding a juice a day for a week, and since this is the beginning of week two, I added a juice, to my daily intake. When I ate Sunday dinner today, I was so full I passed out on the couch, like after a big holiday meal, and now I got a “food hangover”.
Drinking juice has shrunk my stomach capacity.
Is there anyone else on this page? Does anyone have anything to share on this?

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