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How to resist temptation during a 50 day fast? A few Questions about Juice Feasting / Detox?

Im thinking about starting a 50 day feast/ detox/cleanse. I wanna cleanse my body, and also do it because of medical reasons.

But I need some advice before I start this.


So I have a few questions for people who already have done a LONG feast / fast / detox..


How does the fast effect you mentally?

How many pounds can you lose?

How to handle life AFTER fasting for 50 days?

Is exercise Good for you during a fast, if you have a little extra weight?

I dont have a juice machine, so basically what should I drink during the fast? Is it ok with regular water, tea, and regular "super market" juice? What could I have as an "replacement" for "real fresh pressed juice"?


I've also heard that juice/ liquid fasting is  GREAT for people with Depression / Bi-Polar people , is this correct?  What kind of effect does it have on these kinds of mental diseases?


I've tried to fast before but often I fail. So I really dont know what to do with this.

I really want to do this detox, since I feel that my body needs a REAL good cleanse.






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