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Hi everyone,

I will be starting a Juice Feast in early/mid January, after the holidays. I haven't yet decided on 30, 60, or 90 days. If anyone else is interested in starting, we could share thoughts, or form a support group if interested.

I'm currently picking up all the supplements and equipment I need. has such a long list of both. I've already had a juicer for a week, and have sometimes drank up to 4 qts of juice in a day. I do get hungry if I don't eat anything else, so I know it'll be a challenge initially.

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Hi Nivra,
I am planning on starting tomorrow, I already have many of the supplements but not all. I feel the juice is the most important, anyway. I have a vitamix and nut milk bags for straining, but I will be borrowing a champion juicer from a friend in the next few days. I also feel that it will be challenging and haven't decided on the length although I dream of being able to finish the 92 days! I am excited and nervous to get started. I'm hoping with support I'll be able to accomplish a minimum of 30 days.
If you haven't yet, you should join the green room. Their juice feasting forums are much more active than the ones here. Also, the amount of info David provides in his 92-day course is immense.
Thank you for the suggestion, Nivra. I have been wanting to sign up for the year membership but thought that I would be ok just using the free forum. I could use the extra help and information.


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