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I am new to juicing and have been washing everything before putting it in the juicer, which takes a long time! I see a lot of youtube videos of people just stuffing things in the juicer without washing. Is this ok? I don't mind washing lemons and carrots, ect.... but washing a head of lettuce takes forever!

In this video the guy making green lemonade only cuts the bottom off of the romaine before sticking in the juicer. This seems like it would be ok to me since that is where all the dirt is anyway.


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LOL! I was thinking the same thing today as i peeled the silly plastic thingy off the organic cucumber, i was wondering if i should wash it to just wash the sweat of it or something . . .

i noticed, at least over here (geneva, ch) some of the organic lettuce and celery still has some bug friends living in there and sometimes i have to pull them or scratch them off . . . so maybe you will also have to wash your lettuce and veggies too unless you want some slugs in you juice . . .

tomorrow i promised myself that i would wash all the produce even it took longer, just to be on the safe side. i hope you will also reconsider for the labour of juice love!

happy juicing x


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