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Comment by Beth on March 24, 2008 at 9:43am
I'm an avid tennis player, and interested in a high level of fitness. I've been on a raw food diet for 7 years and currently teach raw foods preparation in my home town. I've started an intense body building program with the hopes of one day competing. I'm interested in others who are/have improved their fitness level and what their successes have been. I would love to share with others working toward similar goals.
Comment by Nancy on March 24, 2008 at 3:42pm
Hi Beth!

Thanks for starting this! I am also currently preparing for a bodybuilding competition for next April. I figure that will give me enough time to adjust the raw diet to the appropriate level for all the training that I do. I am constantly bombarded with all the well-meaning advice of the other bodybuilders at my gym telling me to "pound the protein" and eat like a machine.--LOL! I'm hoping to prove them wrong. They think this way of eating is a joke so it will be so helpful to have someone else here on the same path! I'm excited!!

Comment by Beth on March 24, 2008 at 7:03pm
WOW!!! I hadn't expected to get such an immediate response!!! And what a great 'connection'! I'm to late now to compete this April, but hope to also next year. This will be so much more an enjoyable path shared with another like-mind! How much of the raw diet do you currently do? I'm also very excited about this opportunity! Let's do it girl friend!
Comment by Nancy on March 24, 2008 at 8:02pm
Hey Beth!
It must be fate because I was wondering how I was going to withstand the pressures to stick with this diet while training with a bunch of animal-protein lovin' bodybuilders! LOL! I get an earful about it everyday but am slowly learning to stay the course. I feel so much better when I eat raw. Btw, my competition is April of 2009 so we can walk this path together!! :) I started more focused training last week and I am getting ready to start increasing my weights. I have not been as high raw as in the past for about the past six months. I admit I caved into comfort food during my divorce. But, I'm feeling back on track and very excited about my raw foods. I am waiting on Dr. Graham to get back to me for a consultation on his 80-10-10 program. I know he has worked with bodybuilders in the past so I am interested in what he has to say. Let me know what you need as far as support goes. I'm with you 110%!!!!
Comment by Becca on March 26, 2008 at 9:25pm
I used to train hard for competitions, eating mostly animal protein. I am back in touch with a lot of the bodybuilders & trainers I once worked out with back then & would love to show them how I can get into amazing shape again eating raw foods & not ingesting all the supplements they think is necessary. Count me in :)
Comment by Beth on March 28, 2008 at 12:40am
You're 'IN" Becca! Great that you've joined us! I'm new to all this, so please excuse my delay in responding. I'm learning!
It's easy to succumb to the pressures of well meaning friends and 'experts' who tell you it's impossible to do what you wish to do on a raw food diet. Not only is it POSSIBLE but it's so much more healthy and sustaining!!! By eating raw food you not only BUILD muscle mass but HOLD ON TO IT much easier! If you've not explored I recommend you do..........STORM is an inspiration! What I've also read is that muscle mass/definition is so much easier to obtain while increasing your mineral intake (through leafy greans and superfoods ...e.g. spirulina, E-3 Live, etc.) In addition to green smoothies/juices I also eat alot of nori rolls besides the spirulina and other green superfoods. The more greens you bring into your diet the less 'cravings' you experience while at the same time enjoying a more balanced feeling and more energy! Also what I've read is that recovery time is shortened tremendously, allowing you to train more frequently for longer durations. Hope this helps in your training plans.
I'm currently trying to set up a schedule that works for I do 'full body' training every other day; or break it down to upper, middle, lower shorter time increments. Any suggestions or past experiences to relate?
Comment by Beth on March 28, 2008 at 12:45am
By the way, I've read Dr Grahams program and his experience with athletes give him good credentials no doubt! I think his program is a good one...........if you stress greens over fruit as one can over-consume fruit which is easy and which can lead to a feeling of being 'unbalanced' and a little 'spacey'. I absolutely love nuts and am working hard to break that is too much fat in my diet. On Dr Graham's 80-10-10 program I would definitely fail!!!! Maybe one day......................I'm a work in progress!
Comment by A.J. on March 29, 2008 at 9:50am
I am currently training for distance triathlons, and was a college athlete for four years while juicing and eating a mostly whole/raw food diet. Burning as many calories as I did in a day some times I felt tired(could be to the intense training as well) but I always recovered very quickly. Currently I am picking up on the JuiceFeast and will let you know how I feel at the end of this week after 18+ hours of training. One thing that does help my energy levels is almond milk with agave - the added calories seem to get me though some tough workouts and is a tasty recovery drink.
Comment by Becca on March 29, 2008 at 12:10pm
I actually came upon Storm's site as my first into to real people eating raw foods. I kind of felt akin to them since I also studied at the Uni where they met, I guess it made me able to relate to them a bit better & decide to go ahead & follow my instincts and eat the fruit & berries & drink the juice that I have been wanting to drink.

I am hoping that I can show some of my trainer/bodybuilder friends who are die hard believers in as much animal protein & little to no fruit - only steamed veggies etc and whey protein, is that if they drink 2 qts of green/veggie juices, this could really help their bodies recover quickly, keep them from feeling hungry all the time ( they aren't getting enough nutrition) and will keep their (what I call) big bodybuilder stomachs slim - you know those guys as they get on in years, start to develop a muscular barrel stomach.

I am not going to preach too much, but just be a quiet example & let my body speak for itself, I'm really excited about it, as I haven't really been weight training for the past few years, so I have a lot of progress to record - and not just maintain muscle, but rebuild some. Looking forward to all of it.
Comment by Beth on March 29, 2008 at 7:10pm
It's sooooooooooo great to hear from you!!!! Becca, being a quite example sometimes speaks VOLUMES and you will definitely make an impression! Like you I felt somewhat akin to Storm, he lived several years in the Detroit area. .........and like YOU, I prefer eating my fruit and berries.
I've gotten off track with my training this week, but Sundays have always been a great STARTING day and tomorrow I hope to be back on track! I highly suggest my favorite pre and post workout drinks: pre - coconut water, carrot juice, banana and coconut water, cucumber, celery, carrot and greens! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Coconut water.......what can I say............"mother nature's gatorade"!!!! Try it!

I've started doing at least 1 green drink a day, and have lately included 2. I'm not ready to start the juice feast quite yet..............not at home, schedules irregular, and my local shopping favorites not available. I'm in pre juice feasting stage. As I drink more green drinks the more I'm sure going to all juice will be something I'll be ready for.............those of you already on the path..............thank you for sharing and motivating those of us that are still 'thinking on it'! What I've read so far is that juicing has produced some very positive fitness results............that's extremely encouraging and at the same time very very exciting!!!! Thank you all for sharing!


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