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About Me:
Prelapsarian Philosophy:
...refers to the state of humanity prior to the lapse, or fall of mankind.

In tandem with my carpentry I serve as a health and human performance coach, and diabetes educator for the mobility impaired.
This coming year, I am blessed to be able to yell the the ultimate F-word, Fifty-Five! I am aggressivly pursuing life with no boundaries. I fancy myself an unplugged bookworm, I haven't owned a T.V in 30 +years... no time for it! In my non work life, I am a researcher/publicist/journalist, for an independant publisher. I am a self styled rustic, a Pagan-Hare Krishna, with a Jesus fixation, on a life's quest. In pursuit of the "spiritual genome". I seem to have developed an amiable, dissafiliation with most of society's pursuits. I enjoy making those I am hangin out with, happy. I really enjoy the company of good friends, making living food with them at my house, and regenerating each other... Life times Life=Life squared.
I am an outdoor fanatic, I like to hike, bike, rock climb, I go quarry swimming, kayaking, Riding my pontoon out-fitted mountain bike in the ocean. Let's go blow up the fun meter! I enjoy dancin like my clothes are on fire! Reggae, Hip-Hop, Ska, Skitch... Making rustic furniture, cabinets. I like going out to the Omni-Theater, I freekin love Street Theater!. I prefer struggling musicians, the sound is more authentic. I take Yoga, I love whittling, I'd like to be a stand-up comedic health educator, I currently do Diabetes education, and coaching. In my off time, I'm prone to be found playing the harmonica, and slappin out holler music, hambone style, at the local pub, drinkin organic wine, and hangin out with friends, discussin elevated things. I believe we are here to elevate the dignity of our fellow beings.... Be they humans, critters, plants..."we are pencils in the hands of a caring God, who is writing love letters to the world"...Jah Lives!
Traveling, and living, on all 3 coasts, the south coast TEJAS!, the northeast coast (Gloucester Island!) west coast (Oregon!) Keeping up with my schooling Itinerary, finishing my certifications, to further my purpose as a diabetes educator.
What kind of life shifts/transformations are you looking to have with Juice Feasting?
To aggressively continue my health pursuits. I have lost 230+ lbs in about 9 years... and I would like to shift more into vibrant living, more energy, and breathing work. I am using a lot of greens to keep my sugars corraled. I have also been uping my "play level". Tom Petty said:"If ya never slow down ya never grow old". I am out to push that to the limits!(if there freakin are any?I am walking, biking, and dancing more! Life is Really Freakin Good!
Relationship Status:
Where are you on the dietary spectrum?
Vegan, Raw Vegan
Interests (Beyond Nutrition)
Xylophagous Stuff! I have been a life long wood worker. I am currently developing new ways to keep that going, while I pursue my new health coaching/writing pursuits. I have recently been published in Hippocrates Institute's quarterly magazine, I am so STOKED! This is a Free "school n a rag", 4 times a year just for the askin...
The most incredible orgs: These young people RAWK! People helping people...payin it forward big time! ...seriously looney outdoor biking nuts!
I am a music junkie...100,000+ titles...a year of no repeat...."the end of boring radio is in sight!" I am selecting the best from every genre...great mix for the mind...
Favorite Books
"To the Honest and Sporting Intellects". Publisher-, "How my faith survived the church" Yancey, "Thoughts are things", "Joshua" by J.Girzone,"The Odes of God" EL Publication
Favorite Quote
"If any man hears my words, and does them, I will be his friend forever.(Jesus)
Excellent Films
"Brother Sun Sister Moon", "Countryman", "Pay it Forward" "Schindler's List","They Live"
Website or Blog
Website or Blog 2
Facebook Profile
MySpace Profile
If you scroll this video player to the top of your screen it works better, the photo cube can also be started and seen... JUICE TV!
My favorite Ska/Reggae Band and they are from my neighborhood...Jah's Band * Mile 21 like yer clothes are on fire!
There are 15 videos in the YouTube Player check 'em out!!!

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Wayne's Blog

How's your health?

How's your health?

What's happenin as we progress in life is that because of inordinate use... the body breaks down.

So, let's look at "proper use" of the blessing of the body, that we have been given?

In the 17 years I have pursued my "Divine" health, as it is touted... I have become, as the Rastaman say: "stumblewise". I have found many philosophies to be good for a while, and others to not be worth trying. I have explored many ideas in this world of health,… Continue

Posted on March 7, 2010 at 3:18pm

Roots, Fruits, and shoots! Juice, Green Foods, Nuts.... Whaaa Haaah?!?!?

It seems that before mechanized thinking... this is what we all ate, or made into something to eat.

I have been a "Pasta-farian" for so long... That when it gets cold out... I am makin noodles!

I am strung out like an addict on the stuff! What's upwidat? I work so hard on every level of my health, that it seems this one would be a no brainer, and therefore easy... NAH! The stuff is too easy, relatively safe... if I get the organic whole…

Posted on March 2, 2010 at 6:22pm


I am so excited about 2010! I remember the futuristic film when I was in Junior High, and now.. BLIP! Here we B! The GJF is already started in my house. I am on like automaton (Tesla)! This year it will be a mix.. Juice, Smoothies, and I-Scream! Gotta love my rawfood co-horts!…


Posted on December 23, 2009 at 6:50am

I am grateful and luvin life! I am standing on a mountain yelling:" My Life is a rippin blast! The big trip is on! I am in the Gunnison National Wilderness in Colorado! Hiking biking, training to go …

I am grateful and luvin life! I am standing on a mountain yelling:" My Life is a rippin blast! The big trip is on! I am in the Gunnison National Wilderness in Colorado! Hiking biking, training to go try out to be a guide for ...with Steve... Juicing, Shrinking... and Luvin every minit of it!

Next it's Tejas, To visit a JuiceFeast friend... and it's off to Alaska to hang out with one of my oldest friends... Grow food, super foods, juice parts.. Share the philosophy of green… Continue

Posted on May 12, 2009 at 11:30am

Spoon Dream

An Elder woman had a dream. In the dream, she asked Creator, “What are

heaven and hell like. I would like to see them.”

So Creator led the Elder to two doors. Spirit opened one of the doors

and the Elder looked in. In the room was a large flat stone. In the

middle of the stone was a large pot of stew which smelled delicious

and made the Grandmother's mouth water. The people sitting around the

stone were thin and sickly. They were famished.

Each one held a… Continue

Posted on April 3, 2009 at 8:32am

Comment Wall (50 comments)

At 10:20am on March 2, 2008, wayne said…
Hey Y'all!! Here's a way to get some great free knowledge. Go to
sign up for a free subscription to their quarterly magazine, great articles, great information, and a plethora of links to some of the best Raw information out there. I went there, I took a class, I gave a class... and it really inspired me to press further into this concept! I just got publishe in this quarters offering. I was so stoked to be able to "Pay it Forward" by building the cafe that saved my life!
I would like to interact with others who are in pursuit of Vibrant Life!
At 10:47am on March 2, 2008, Heather said…
I can't wait to try the coconut banana ice cream recipe when my feasting is over :)
At 6:20pm on March 3, 2008, Shakaya Breeze said…
That salad looks amazing!
At 9:19pm on March 3, 2008, wayne said…
Ummmnnghgh?!? Yeah, the salad is a big part of my catering...when I show up with one, or more of these.. the party gets really lively! Infusing complimetary energizing herbs, in a variety of dressings, takes people to new levels of "feel" and... Whelp! I've heard: "I can lead a horse to water, but I can't make em drink... The heck I can't?!?!? I'll salt it's oats!
At 7:32pm on March 4, 2008, wayne said…
What a great day to be a "live'n'kickin, vibrant livin,source pursuin, life lover!!!! I sputtered to a start on this juice feast.. a coupla a stalls... not bad for my first one. I started with 1 juice a day, I am now on two, I hope to be on 3-4 a day soon. Today was my first no-fruit, juice... Whoooo Hoooo?!?!? pretty darn good! So, next its on to a tejas style raw V-8! I am looking for more non-fruit juice/smoothies... I am liking this idea! I really got a grattitude attitude bout y'all! Keep up the vigil.
At 3:00pm on March 5, 2008, wayne said…
At 7:06pm on March 5, 2008, wayne said…
Stumblin through enlightentment...
Juicing 1-2 times a day is very interesting.. Because I am so protective of the level of health I have recieved... I venture slowly...I decided to gradually go here... after reading many blogs in this site...I am not going to be able to deal with as with everything else I have done, I will transition gradually.I will juice as many times a day as I can . I believe by the end of the first thirty days, I will graduate to total juice (vita mix), and for the last 30!!??! I'll strain it... I have done lot's of reading on this mode of veganism... and although I have incorporated juices into my diet... Juicing is new ground...
IMGR8FL4UALL!!! 4 your ingredients for a
big "Thought-mosis" !
Peace ...and keep on blog-in! WAW
At 11:16pm on March 6, 2008, wayne said…
I am so unable to find good quality the heart of the hood...Guess I are gonna start an organic co-op! Funky Town's first organic co-operative. I have co-op experience, I have one heck of a produce habit, we have a recipie for success! Jah guide. I am makin my first contacts tomorrow! I have a commercial raw kitchen, walk in coolers etc;.... I am blessed! Maybe if I had some inspired help...a Juice Bar?!?!? Hmngngn!??!?! Drive thru's..Ummngngn?!?! anyone interested?
At 8:37am on March 7, 2008, Celissa said…
Hi Wayne...I was just reading about you yesterday....well I am not doing so well...I fell off the feast Sat. afternoon....I am having serious issues here at my home to deal with concerning my husband,,,and I knew as I was preparing for this feast that I must be crazy thinking I could accomplis this being in this situation that I am I am not giving up...but definitely waiting until things are more stable here...I hope u r doing well...sounds like u r ...and I love the fact about your have not had one in over 30 yrs. We have been without at different times too....I like to have one available to watch DVDs...because unless u r watching the discovery channel, LINK, FREE SPEECH, etc., there is nothing worth watching...peace, Celissa
At 7:37pm on March 7, 2008, wayne said…
Wow! Y'all keep on bloggin! I am having some great "thought-mosis" !

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