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How's your health?

How's your health?

What's happenin as we progress in life is that because of inordinate use... the body breaks down.

So, let's look at "proper use" of the blessing of the body, that we have been given?

In the 17 years I have pursued my "Divine" health, as it is touted... I have become, as the Rastaman say: "stumblewise". I have found many philosophies to be good for a while, and others to not be worth trying. I have explored many ideas in this world of health,… Continue

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Roots, Fruits, and shoots! Juice, Green Foods, Nuts.... Whaaa Haaah?!?!?

It seems that before mechanized thinking... this is what we all ate, or made into something to eat.

I have been a "Pasta-farian" for so long... That when it gets cold out... I am makin noodles!

I am strung out like an addict on the stuff! What's upwidat? I work so hard on every level of my health, that it seems this one would be a no brainer, and therefore easy... NAH! The stuff is too easy, relatively safe... if I get the organic whole…

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I am so excited about 2010! I remember the futuristic film when I was in Junior High, and now.. BLIP! Here we B! The GJF is already started in my house. I am on like automaton (Tesla)! This year it will be a mix.. Juice, Smoothies, and I-Scream! Gotta love my rawfood co-horts!…


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I am grateful and luvin life! I am standing on a mountain yelling:" My Life is a rippin blast! The big trip is on! I am in the Gunnison National Wilderness in Colorado! Hiking biking, training to go …

I am grateful and luvin life! I am standing on a mountain yelling:" My Life is a rippin blast! The big trip is on! I am in the Gunnison National Wilderness in Colorado! Hiking biking, training to go try out to be a guide for ...with Steve... Juicing, Shrinking... and Luvin every minit of it!

Next it's Tejas, To visit a JuiceFeast friend... and it's off to Alaska to hang out with one of my oldest friends... Grow food, super foods, juice parts.. Share the philosophy of green… Continue

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Spoon Dream

An Elder woman had a dream. In the dream, she asked Creator, “What are

heaven and hell like. I would like to see them.”

So Creator led the Elder to two doors. Spirit opened one of the doors

and the Elder looked in. In the room was a large flat stone. In the

middle of the stone was a large pot of stew which smelled delicious

and made the Grandmother's mouth water. The people sitting around the

stone were thin and sickly. They were famished.

Each one held a… Continue

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So, much like a Merry-go-round...

we come to a place where we have been before... and just like at the carnival, some of the faces are familiar, some are new, but the landscape seems the same. This juice feast provides a great forum for like minded(about one common subject) to get together and interact. I love to interact!

Comments on my page... encouraging me to keep to the focus.

Blogs on the main page, to let me know how everyone is fairing in this great adventure, to pursue… Continue

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The "Moose of Juice" is on da loose!

I am freakin outta control with excitement! This GJF is the inspiration my spirit needs to be on top of my game!

If I live outside any more than I do... I won't need a house!

This year I joined "Green Seniors" ... I got rid of my cage... The truck had to go... Biking is the answer!

The Island I live on has many outlying smaller islands... This photo of my son and I out blowin up the fun meter... we just returned from a trip to Ten Pound… Continue

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So's I don't cannonball anyone's wading pool... I started a wordpress site... for transitioners, wayfarers, and wannabe's!

Although my adventure wit the GJF is the best.. there are some people I interact with... that view juice feasting as too big of a step.
So I am going to link to here for them...

I will continue with GJF...cuz it b da best! I will forward the applicable stuff to the others...

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Hi GJF'rs!
I have a new toy... I don't quite know how to use everything about it... but it promises to get better!

Peace, Way-know

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"Subtraction by Addition" "Day one"

Oh Yeah!

I am reading Victoria Boutenko's Book "Green for Life". This is the best nutri-input I have had this year... and a pretty good bit of last year 2 !

Over the 16 years that I have been pursuing "created health" I have read a mountain of books. I am a voracious reader, and I have literally taken a few pickup trucks to the used bookstore, only to get money to buy more books.

(I am gankin a… Continue

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GAWD! Am I excited?!?!?


I am so stoked to have the "High Vibe Tribe" on my side! Y'all Rawk!

Last year the GJF was the jolt my spirit needed. I was housebound for awhile. I knew no-one near me that could even hear my "Prelapsarian Philosophy" about life. The good folks in the GJF filled the gap!

PEOPLE! Keep sharin yer ideas, perspectives, photo's,music,recipes, failures, disappointments... ALL OF IT!

We need it, transparency is the key. When we open ourselves up to others with… Continue

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Phillip McJuice!!!

I gotta hail this brother from another mother up!
I gotta link to his page...
So that my friends will look...

Y'all check this

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P.H.A.T Boyz Club **** (Poles Hill Athletic Team Boyz Club)

Hi Y'all!

So I have not been in here in a while. I am on an Oregonian Adventure. This year I am moving into fasting, thanks to the great input I have received on GJF. I have studied lot's, mostly Prof. A. Ehret. I have taken the year since the last time in here to prepare myself for this trek. I am also going to be taking on some silent walks. I would like to start up with… Continue

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JahTeam's Cheerleader!

Gentleman! Absitively posilutley the most profound voice in Jah Music! I have worn out 2 sets of burts listinin to this brother! Coupled with the reborn enrgy that the members of this juice feast and all their combined knowlege has brought me this is the soundtrack I been jammin ta... hope y'all enjoy... Oh yeah this brother is from Germany. Mad cool… Continue

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Following Shakaya Breeze's lead...

The JF got me inspired to write again, I am a mah canvas is fence wood, Hope y'all like it.

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So I thought everyone could use a little music for the feast...some friends at the flower power cafe ( ), in northern Maine sent me this in myspace, and I though…

So I thought everyone could use a little music for the feast...some friends at the flower power cafe ( ), in northern Maine sent me this in myspace, and I thought I was gettin creative with the plants? w...Whew!… Continue

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Illumined Faces

I am so grateful for y'all! I could not have done this without you! When I come in, I have all these beautiful, full of radiant life, faces on my screen! Guyz n Galz with Jah light in their eyes... Beats TV 7 ways. I have been on Juice for days...I can't even imagine this...I am zoomin! I have eaten things off and on, but I actually went solo juice for 3 days Whoo Hooo...!??!!? Wow! what a freakin buzz!

Jah blessed I, with an enormous influx of… Continue

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sometimes..nah nix that...

most of the time, I am an unrestrained spaceshot!

It seems that in my funk, I wasn't quite getting how y'all could drink that much stuff every day?

well today, I juiced a few oranges instead of 1/4 of big bag! and added the juice to the greens and water...Oh Baby ! was this ever good! it was a freakin tongue-gasm! my mouth flipped! I have been burnin up the rug... I really had great apprehensions about livin on liquid. I have had stern warnings both internal and external about this. I… Continue

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Oranges + Juicer = Legal Speed ?

Awwlright, I feel like a test monkey! I have been smoothie-ing for the first 30, and yesterday, I juiced for the first time in the champion... ohhh maybe maybe a half dozen oranges. I separated it up into 3 portions, to drink at well timed and spaced intervals (Diabetes 101). Long story made short...I was speeding all day! I have not done recreational drugs in 20 years, and very few pharms in the past ten. I had every symptom, (and benefit...) of doing speed. I binged off the walls, and buzzed… Continue

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Mental Posture

Our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but how we react to what happens; not by what life brings us, but by the mental posture we bring to life. A possitve mental stance causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. Its a catalyst...a spark that creates extrodinary results!

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Juice Feasting Introduction

ONE HOUR Kevin Gianni Interview with David Rainoshek, MA on JUICE FEASTING!

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Day 52

Yep its true I've enjoyed another fast. I decided after my initial 92+ days to make this a yearly mind, body spirit resting ritual.Don't know if I will ever go as long or longer but short - mid fasts are definitely now apart of my lifestyle.  The benefits are endless and my intentions in the near future is to completely rest and relax during my fast (no phone, work, completely surrounded only by other fasters in nature etc.)  It's a great time of healing and a lot of emotions, ideas etc arise…See More
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Juice feast July 2011

 Day one: July,5 Woke up in the morning doing just water flushing out everything had three bowl movements within the last three hour period. Drinking lots of water and getting my self mentally ready to chew these juices.Made my first juice at 4:30pm green drink Two bunches of Kale Greens, a whole lettuce, 2 small Celery Hearts, 5 small carrots, and coconut water. 8:00pm “Better Dead Red Drink” 5 sweet potatoes, 3 large Juicing Carrots, and a Beet root half of pineapple. Day Two: july,6Woke up…See More
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