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Day 29, I'm no longer feeling hungry...Yeah!

Although this is my fourth juice feast each time my body has reacted different. This time I am more tired and find I require more rest and less activity. My skin is very sensitive when I fast so I am constantly reminded to keep it simple and pure.

Re-evaluation date for fasting length Day 40

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Comment by Hasna' Abdulmajid on May 31, 2011 at 3:33am
I was curious as to what juices you used I notice for green juices alot of people mention celery but that is not easy to find where I am. Im wondering if i used greens like parsley, lettuce, green pepper,  spinach watercress if that would suffice. but to get almost a gallon in .. i dont know if that is possible on my rinky dink juicer. so how much of the actual green stuff should i be drinking daily? im looking for the answers on here but im new to this and getting the hang..


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