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Day 56- re-Learning how to EAT properly is the best part of this jFeast

FINALLY the snow has melted and Jack frost has gone to play somehwere else for now...! YAE!!!
The sun is SHINING and SO AM I!
I am drinking my Maple water cut with Dandelion and organic greens- I LOVE this drink sooooo much and know my days with it are numbered as the Maple sap will be running only a few more days blessed I have been to enjoy it this year, especially coinciding with my JFeast.
Incorporating SOLID FOOD back into my life after 33 days of juicing, has been tricky and WONDERFUL.
I AM learning to tune into this body, and sense what and when I need to eat. AND perhaps the most challenging part- HOW MUCH! I tend to eat in a trance, like I'm meditating- I find chewing and eating sooooo relaxing and pleasurable. This whole dance IS actually getting smoother and I seem to be experiencing more grace and flow.
I feel like there is always with me a SPACE, a GAP between wanting/intending something, and then manifesting/achieving IT...but, IT DOES EVENTUALLY HAPPEN.
Perhaps I am a slow learner- I was told I am a late-bloomer- it has been about 7 years of being high raw to let go of over-eating and refined sweets, and although I would rarely indulge I STILL HAVE WANTED PIZZA, etc!
Doing this jfeast seems to have released this pressure...I feel more peaceful around food, and less addicted. I am less concerned with how long it takes as long as I have FAITH that I am on the path.
I also feel more harmonious about myself and my family indulging in certain 'treats' instead of being so militant and uptight, I find myself feeling very joyous and accepting- BLISSED instead of PISSED- and just GRATEFUL for the experience if I CHOOSE or they CHOOSE it.
I just feel enveloped by peace and love and an alrightness. I told Luke the other night 'I feel happier lately than I have ever felt in my life..." It was a revelation.
Blissings to us ALL!

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Comment by Shakaya Breeze on April 17, 2008 at 3:42pm

Haha! I KNOW what you mean- funny thing, before I started the Jfeast, my family had ordered Pizza as a very rare treat- and I wasn't even interested, I love my salads with tons of raw garlic, anyway, it smelled really I thought I would join them for a small slice... the texture seemed weird and it tasted like cardboard- literally!! Boy, were they ever surprised when I spit it into my napkin- but noone was as surprised as ME! My arugula sald with dandelion and garlic slices with olive oil and lemon was actually what I wanted and hit the spot perfectly! So MIRACLES do happen!
I can't say I will NEVER try another slice, but I really don't even think about it anymore...
It will happen for you too, trust the process...
Comment by Shakaya Breeze on April 17, 2008 at 3:44pm
above are my boys and their friends about to indulge in my Key Lime Mousse Torte- waaaaaay better than dead pizza- look haw excited they are!!!
Comment by Alicia Moncur ~♥Alicia♥~ on April 17, 2008 at 4:29pm
I still want Pizza! :D
Comment by Alicia Moncur ~♥Alicia♥~ on April 17, 2008 at 7:43pm
Mark, I know, pizza always makes me sick too! I did eat a wonderful raw pizza once! I want to come up with a recipe for pizza salad!
How long did it take you to get mentally un-addicted to certain foods? Did it take just not eating the stuff for a long time?

Shakaya.....the kids and the tart look great~
Comment by Christine on April 18, 2008 at 1:39am
I crave pizza too. I'm sure I'm currently detoxing all the pizza I've eaten in the past. (It's probably still in there, like you say Mark!) I just can't get my mind off it sometimes. My mostly raw kids had some a few months back. Even they said it tasted like lard and cardboard. There is hope!

Your Torte looks delicious Shakaya. Congratualtions on finishing your juice feast.
Comment by Shakaya Breeze on April 18, 2008 at 5:44am
I think you guys all said it- it is a matter of TIME and detoxing stuff OUT- because for me my cravings used to be soooo powerful- and I would fight them all day, and go to bed fighting and wouldn't even be able to SLEEP and sometimes repeat it again the next day AND NIGHT and finally at 3am order a pizza- just to get some sleep- nothing like a whole pizza to tranquilize ya! haha- I never knew there was a thing as food addiction...but I can clearly see in retrospect the hold it had on me and the games I unknowingly played. Now, FREEDOM is more important than a taste sensation- even one as delicious as pizza because the torture I experience long afterwards isn't fun.
Comment by Shakaya Breeze on April 18, 2008 at 5:46am

Durian is their favorite!
Comment by Shakaya Breeze on April 18, 2008 at 5:56am

btw, we are Italian, and I think pizza and PASTA not to mention bread and even cheese, have been extremely difficult for me to let go of- in fact, I still enjoy a small bowl of rice noodles or soba noodles a few times a year- and I know that is leaving too- but I must remember after my mom died when I was 16, I remember making pasta for myself and my twin brother and younger sister EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for dinner- FOR YEARS! Like over a decade before I ventured into other meals because it was INEXPENSIVE, FAST, EASY and we all liked it! I have had so much baggage tied up in food because that is where I relieved all my stresses. LIAM'S PAPAYA 'POOF' PIE- named by Liam because once you see it you wanna eat it and then POOF its gone!
Comment by Shakaya Breeze on April 18, 2008 at 10:32am

Hey Mark! Our kids both received a camera this year for Christmas from Luke's mom, and so I borrow theirs- it is a digital camera from wal-mart- but I find many of my pictures come out white, so the kids re-take them for me...and they do it so quickly, not all fussy like me, and theirs turn out great! But I am getting much better and really enjoying taking pictures- I wish I had had a camera before our dog Sensei just passed away after 18 years this winter during the holidays because in all that time I have almost no pictures of him...Anyway, the boys are so funny and silly and ALWAYS laughing and making everything into a game, and have their own language with words I have never even imagined so original- its just a blast having young beings around! I feel like my own childhood was anything but happy, but my life today with these two little buddhas is so very Blessed...and I don't take a moment for granted.
Comment by Shakaya Breeze on April 18, 2008 at 10:36am

I found a picture of our beloved pet Sensei, this was taken by my girlfriend who was taking care of Sensei while I lived in Hong Kong for a year, so she took this one and it is pretty much all I have of him (other than 2 paintings I did) so its very dear to me- however, you will notice she put her own spin on the styling of it...too funny- Shewrote a whole story about SENSEI DREAMS OF BEING A DUCK!


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