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Yep its true I've enjoyed another fast. I decided after my initial 92+ days to make this a yearly mind, body spirit resting ritual.

Don't know if I will ever go as long or longer but short - mid fasts are definitely now apart of my lifestyle.  The benefits are endless and my intentions in the near future is to completely rest and relax during my fast (no phone, work, completely surrounded only by other fasters in nature etc.)  It's a great time of healing and a lot of emotions, ideas etc arise at different points during my fast.


This year has been a little different and I've been more tired than previous years.  So I've had to rest more often than previous years.  However, I've still been able to work out and complete my daily tasks without any problems.  Its amazing how the body only loses the weight it needs no matter what.  I've only released apprx 20+ and on my body frame/height that is extremely noticeable and I appear very small.


60 days will be the end for this year and I am looking forward to some amazing soups, green salads, green smoothies, chia puddings and flax crackers.. Yep my menu is planned!



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