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How's your health?
What's happenin as we progress in life is that because of inordinate use... the body breaks down.
So, let's look at "proper use" of the blessing of the body, that we have been given?
In the 17 years I have pursued my "Divine" health, as it is touted... I have become, as the Rastaman say: "stumblewise". I have found many philosophies to be good for a while, and others to not be worth trying. I have explored many ideas in this world of health, and food related dis-ease. I have tried so many crazy, and outrageous ideas... that someone might think I'm nuts... but... Hail, I am! ...about being here... for"the purpose", bein here for my son, and for my many friends.
Since I have learned in true autodidact style... most of my health ideas are conclusions I have arrived at by failing. btw... ("science" is 99%failure = 1%success...),
I "roulette" my choices in health pursuits daily. I use both raw and cooked eating disciplines, vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic, ayurvedic... A-N-Y-thing that can provide good fuel, lasting energy, and no repercussions.
I still have health issues that I address daily... it is a challenge of a lifetime... but when it pays off... it pays great!
The days it's on... I dance like my clothes is on fire, jump, bounce, climb, bike, get smooth outside my skin, and let my spirit LEAP!
The days my health isn't up to snuff... I pray for guidance... research, read, re-read... looking for clues to what I did to knock me down... and fix it!
I am in the process of building a new website...Purchased, and being worked. I am being coached in the most direct, and succinct way to positively impact the health of people, that I might not get to meet, or interact with.
The new site (cuz, i'm not a .com kinda guy...) is not up yet... but we are in process. It will link to my community sites, my new "show and tell" site, and my health blogs.
It seems, that my bad health has given me an opportunity, to serve Jah People, with the knowledge that's been given to me.
I feel it is my privilege to elevate the dignity of everyone around me, and all I meet.
I aim to do just that with this new idea.
I tried charging money for the knowledge... my brain shorted out! I tried the "be a famous raw foodist" my heart shorted out! I have got to follow the words of a once popular song: "Givitaway,givitaway,givitaway, NOW!"
I too, am struggling through the winter... every winter I gain weight, every spring I lose it... seems natural...right?... but I wonder? is there a way around it? I am after this answer as we interact. I am stringing together links for the new site... when I finish(soon), I will make a draft of them and send them to ya...
I'd like to be a benefit to your pursuits... If'n I can, let me in on the specifics, and we'll go round about it!
Peace, Love, and Monkey Grease

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Comment by wayne on March 7, 2010 at 3:27pm
... Oh yeah... did I mention that: " I am absatively, posilutely, neakin, frutz about life!


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Day 52

Yep its true I've enjoyed another fast. I decided after my initial 92+ days to make this a yearly mind, body spirit resting ritual.Don't know if I will ever go as long or longer but short - mid fasts are definitely now apart of my lifestyle.  The benefits are endless and my intentions in the near future is to completely rest and relax during my fast (no phone, work, completely surrounded only by other fasters in nature etc.)  It's a great time of healing and a lot of emotions, ideas etc arise…See More
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"Hello! Substitutions are great try celery hearts, cucumber and any greens a variety is best. Tomatoes, bell pepper are a nice addition. Coconut water is tasty as a treat minus the meat. Hope this helps"
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Juice feast July 2011

 Day one: July,5 Woke up in the morning doing just water flushing out everything had three bowl movements within the last three hour period. Drinking lots of water and getting my self mentally ready to chew these juices.Made my first juice at 4:30pm green drink Two bunches of Kale Greens, a whole lettuce, 2 small Celery Hearts, 5 small carrots, and coconut water. 8:00pm “Better Dead Red Drink” 5 sweet potatoes, 3 large Juicing Carrots, and a Beet root half of pineapple. Day Two: july,6Woke up…See More
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"I was curious as to what juices you used I notice for green juices alot of people mention celery but that is not easy to find where I am. Im wondering if i used greens like parsley, lettuce, green pepper,  spinach watercress if that would…"
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