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Roots, Fruits, and shoots! Juice, Green Foods, Nuts.... Whaaa Haaah?!?!?

It seems that before mechanized thinking... this is what we all ate, or made into something to eat.
I have been a "Pasta-farian" for so long... That when it gets cold out... I am makin noodles!
I am strung out like an addict on the stuff! What's upwidat? I work so hard on every level of my health, that it seems this one would be a no brainer, and therefore easy... NAH! The stuff is too easy, relatively safe... if I get the organic whole wheat, or quinoa...BUTI gain weight... like immediately! Pasta , so much as even looks at me... I gain 5lbs!
So I am devising more ways to get my greens, and juicing as much as my diabetic pursuits will let me... and sending out an S.O.S. to anyone with tips! Tesla sez: "we are automatons... we do things by repetition, or repeatedly..."
Hail Yeah?!??! That's me! so I gotta find a way over this hurdle.
Peace, Love, and Monkey Grease Y'all!

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