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At 10:20am on March 2, 2008, wayne said…
Hey Y'all!! Here's a way to get some great free knowledge. Go to
sign up for a free subscription to their quarterly magazine, great articles, great information, and a plethora of links to some of the best Raw information out there. I went there, I took a class, I gave a class... and it really inspired me to press further into this concept! I just got publishe in this quarters offering. I was so stoked to be able to "Pay it Forward" by building the cafe that saved my life!
I would like to interact with others who are in pursuit of Vibrant Life!
At 10:47am on March 2, 2008, Heather said…
I can't wait to try the coconut banana ice cream recipe when my feasting is over :)
At 6:20pm on March 3, 2008, Shakaya Breeze said…
That salad looks amazing!
At 9:19pm on March 3, 2008, wayne said…
Ummmnnghgh?!? Yeah, the salad is a big part of my catering...when I show up with one, or more of these.. the party gets really lively! Infusing complimetary energizing herbs, in a variety of dressings, takes people to new levels of "feel" and... Whelp! I've heard: "I can lead a horse to water, but I can't make em drink... The heck I can't?!?!? I'll salt it's oats!
At 7:32pm on March 4, 2008, wayne said…
What a great day to be a "live'n'kickin, vibrant livin,source pursuin, life lover!!!! I sputtered to a start on this juice feast.. a coupla a stalls... not bad for my first one. I started with 1 juice a day, I am now on two, I hope to be on 3-4 a day soon. Today was my first no-fruit, juice... Whoooo Hoooo?!?!? pretty darn good! So, next its on to a tejas style raw V-8! I am looking for more non-fruit juice/smoothies... I am liking this idea! I really got a grattitude attitude bout y'all! Keep up the vigil.
At 3:00pm on March 5, 2008, wayne said…
At 7:06pm on March 5, 2008, wayne said…
Stumblin through enlightentment...
Juicing 1-2 times a day is very interesting.. Because I am so protective of the level of health I have recieved... I venture slowly...I decided to gradually go here... after reading many blogs in this site...I am not going to be able to deal with as with everything else I have done, I will transition gradually.I will juice as many times a day as I can . I believe by the end of the first thirty days, I will graduate to total juice (vita mix), and for the last 30!!??! I'll strain it... I have done lot's of reading on this mode of veganism... and although I have incorporated juices into my diet... Juicing is new ground...
IMGR8FL4UALL!!! 4 your ingredients for a
big "Thought-mosis" !
Peace ...and keep on blog-in! WAW
At 11:16pm on March 6, 2008, wayne said…
I am so unable to find good quality the heart of the hood...Guess I are gonna start an organic co-op! Funky Town's first organic co-operative. I have co-op experience, I have one heck of a produce habit, we have a recipie for success! Jah guide. I am makin my first contacts tomorrow! I have a commercial raw kitchen, walk in coolers etc;.... I am blessed! Maybe if I had some inspired help...a Juice Bar?!?!? Hmngngn!??!?! Drive thru's..Ummngngn?!?! anyone interested?
At 8:37am on March 7, 2008, Celissa said…
Hi Wayne...I was just reading about you yesterday....well I am not doing so well...I fell off the feast Sat. afternoon....I am having serious issues here at my home to deal with concerning my husband,,,and I knew as I was preparing for this feast that I must be crazy thinking I could accomplis this being in this situation that I am I am not giving up...but definitely waiting until things are more stable here...I hope u r doing well...sounds like u r ...and I love the fact about your have not had one in over 30 yrs. We have been without at different times too....I like to have one available to watch DVDs...because unless u r watching the discovery channel, LINK, FREE SPEECH, etc., there is nothing worth watching...peace, Celissa
At 7:37pm on March 7, 2008, wayne said…
Wow! Y'all keep on bloggin! I am having some great "thought-mosis" !
At 8:56pm on March 7, 2008, Stephanie said…
hey wayne!
i am also doing my feast only with green juices, no fruits and i love it!!! hows it gonig so far for you?
how long do you plan on feasting?
At 5:38pm on March 8, 2008, wayne said…
HI gal!
Ummnghgh?!?! I am still sputterin to a good start...I'll keep primin the pump...! I work and play outside. Right now it's cold...makes it a little tough, but I am resiliant, and very aggressive(when it's warm ;-} ...).
Peekin over everybodies shoulder, and gettin glimpses of what they are doing, has been the best stimuli for change.
Because of the challenges, I am trying one green at a time... and one other ingredient...a different ingredient for each head/bunch of greens. I keep life pretty simple, seems to flow better. I am gleaning great juice ideas from everyone. I am lovin the interaction. Glad to see your smilin eyes, hangin out with the high vibe tribe!
At 7:50pm on March 11, 2008, wayne said…
Hey Fellow Feasters!!
Just a blurb...before I peek over everyone's shoulder, and see how they are doing on this amazing feast! I am finding a lot of comfort with the one green at a time, and one fruit... Juice at night.
Tonight is spring mix, and pineapple!
Yesterday, at the provocation of my new freind, Baby spinach and coconut... that pretty much rocked!
Lunch today was experimental: greens, celery,parsley carrot, apple. These juices have worked, as long as I space my doses, over a coupla hours.I also add 1 litre of water.
Upon having big issues with an acid alkaline imbalance, I was put on a high alkaline diet, then meeting Phillip Mc Cluskey in the web... Even though I have been high percentages of raw for eight years, I am vegan/raw vegan, I still have some issues from organ damage, done by conventional diabetes treatments. I wound up in the hospital, and my Indian (dot not feather..) doctor, told me to recheck my purines, and acid forming foods lists, and see where I got off the path. I did..., then came revelation, ...then Phillip, then Y'all! This has been the best thing I have ever done in the internet.
I am so impressed by Angela Stokes!
Y'all keep sharing how ya make juices, and how ya deal with life'n'work, while yer feastin! I'm am lovin the priveleged view! IMGR8FL4U!
At 9:44pm on March 13, 2008, wayne said…
Hey y'all??!
I got a coupla hurdles to jump with the juicin! Although this make me feel great, and the energy is unprecedented, I get outrageously hungry! Rabid eating?!?!?although I stick within my veganmind... I lose the benefit of juicefeasting, because I eat to solve the temporary issue. Awlright! So, I made corn chips in the dehydrator...cuz I was fiendin...(can I get these in an I.V.form ?1?). I ate enough to fill the big Excaliber!?!? This was 9 ears of corn, a pepper, and other ingredients, avocadoes, the chart insatiable hunger...Whew!?!?!
So tell me when I would ever sit down and eat that many ears of corn in one sitting...but along with salsa and avos... I polished this off at work...then on to making juice sometime later...So I thought OMFG!!!?! I am eating a bag of corn chips a day, or every other day...I'm eating 27 ears of corn?!?!? So I read the labels, figured the grams, did the math... YUP!!! no wonder I ain't makin any freakin progress on this part of this adventure!!
Man! juicefeastin will stir the adventure up!... Ok. So back to the sketch pad...gotta come up with plan...?!?!? Ummnghg, I forgot there's been so freakin many! I need my own website... www.lifewithoutaclue/ !!
IMOUT! peace...Keep bloggin!
At 11:41am on March 14, 2008, wayne said…
The corn thing has got me wonderin?!?! I have been vegan for 10 years...I have eaten a mountain of corn chips...I am guessing many of which has been industrial corn.... Gawd my mind won't stop flippin!
At 6:25pm on March 14, 2008, Cynthia Beavers said…
Hi! How are you:) We have moved Pure Cafe to Tulsa, and open soon....I relocated here...I sure miss
That is great about your co-op! Can you drive up a truck of organic produce...LOL;)
Much bliss,
At 9:04am on March 16, 2008, Shady Lady said…
Hey! Thanks so much. I love "click"!

Yea I'm kinda in again out again. I'd like to be able to do a full week without cheating, but maybe the cheating is really my body telling me it isn't quite time yet.

Hey... at least I still have somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 days left to jump on the boat.

How are you doing with everything?
At 8:29pm on March 16, 2008, Shady Lady said…
Man I wish I had your slang vocab.

Anyhow, I would LOVE to be a writer for the whole Raw Food thing. There is nothing that makes me angrier than a foodie (be it Raw Vegan or whatever) that thinks their shit doesn't stink. Cause it does.

How'd you end up getting published?

Thanks for reading my blog though. That means a lot.
At 2:07am on March 18, 2008, Green Queen said…
man-congrats on rthe 230 pounds..
i lost 50 about 6 years ago. what is left is more so toxic weight and emotional baggage that this juice feast is pulling from it's roots..i love to be ALIVE. thanks for the comment
At 6:43pm on March 19, 2008, Shakaya Breeze said…
Brilliant article in Hippocrates magazine- I am so impressed by what you came through. Keep shining!

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